Winter support

Colchester Borough Council is providing support for residents, businesses and communities throughout winter.

How to take your own legal action

Before making a formal complaint

Before making a formal complaint, try to discuss your concerns with the person or business responsible.

Discuss the nuisance problem at an early stage and before it escalates. They may be unaware that they are disturbing you and a friendly approach can usually resolve the problem.

If you are unable to approach them directly, write a letter explaining the problem in a way that is polite and factual. Make sure you date the letter and take a copy.

If necessary, a copy of the letter may be shown in court as evidence that you have acted reasonably.

Get help from a mediator

A mediator can help if you want to resolve the problem with the person responsible but are not sure how. Mediators are trained to help people resolve disagreements.

You can look for a mediator on GOV.UK.

You might have to pay a fee for the mediator’s services.

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