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What are Permitted Development Rights?

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You can carry out some types of work without having to apply for planning permission. Find out more information about this here.


  • What Permitted Development Rights are.
  • Areas where Permitted Development Rights are restricted.
  • What it means when Permitted Development Rights are withdrawn.
  • Find out more about which works you can carry out under Permitted Development.


What are Permitted Development Rights?

You can carry out some types of work under 'Permitted Development Rights' without needing to apply for planning permission. Permitted Development Rights are a set of classes of development for which planning permission is automatically granted. This is an order granted by Parliament.  


Where Permitted Development Rights are Restricted 

In some areas permitted development rights are more restricted. If you live in one of the following areas you will need to apply for planning permission for some types of work that don't need an application in others:  

For example, if you live in a Conservation Area and have trees on your property protected by Tree Preservation Orders then if you would like to carry out works on trees on your property then you may need to apply for Tree Works Consent.

There are also different requirements if your property is a listed building. You can read more about listed buildings and other factors that could affect your property here.


Withdrawn Permitted Development Rights 

When thinking about carrying out works on your property you will also need to check whether any Permitted Development Rights have been withdrawn from your area using an 'Article 4' direction. If they have then you will need to submit a planning application for some types of work which don't normally need one. 

Article 4 directions are made when the character of an area of acknowledged importance would be threatened. They are most common in conservation areas. They can also be issued in built up areas to prevent development where there may not be sufficient space.  

You can check if you are in an area where Permitted Development Right have been withdrawn by typing your postcode into our interactive map

Please note: Houses created through permitted development rights to change use from shops, financial and professional services premises or agricultural buildings cannot use householder permitted development rights to improve, alter or extend homes: planning permission is needed.  


Useful Links

  • Check out the interactive properties on The Planning Portal. They are really helpful for exploring common householder projects and for finding out what works need planning permission and what you can do under Permitted Development Rights. Just choose your property type and click on an area of the property to read more information. 

             Go to the Planning Portal


  • You can search our interactive map to see the location of Conservation Areas, Restricted Development Areas, Tree Preservation Orders, Listed Buildings and Withdrawn Permitted Development Rights (Article 4) areas. Use the filter on the right side of your screen to control what you see on the map.

             Go to the map.