Winter support

Colchester Borough Council is providing support for residents, businesses and communities throughout winter.

Road closures

Street parties

Thinking of having a party in your street?

Lots of people in Colchester make their summers extra special by sharing food, playing games and enjoying music with their neighbours.

If this sounds like something you would like to do please consider the following information:

The type of road

We may have to charge a fee to close roads for bigger events.

If you're planning to hold a street party in a no-through roads or traffic-free area, we might not need charge at all.

Please be considerate of noise levels. Make sure everyone who might be affected knows in advance when the party is taking place. A high level of noise going on for a long time or late into the evening could lead to us not approving further applications you might want to make.

The type of closures

A 'hard' road closure is where a positive blocking item (usually another vehicle) is in place to physically prevent a vehicle passing the closure point. A hard closure would normally be used where either a high profile closure is taking place (for example Remembrance Day) or when the threat level calls for it.

A 'soft' road closure is where barriers and a sign are used.

How to apply

Please print and complete the two forms below and send them to:

Operational Services PSU
Colchester Borough Council
Rowan House
33 Sheepen Road

Or email them to:

Street Party Road Closure Application Form and Guidance Notes

Event Risk Assessment Guidance Notes

Get in touch with the Safety Advisory Group

Thinking of planning an event in Colchester? The Safety Advisory Group (SAG) helps authorities and agencies to work together when a proposal is made to hold an event in the Colchester borough. The SAG's goal is to ensure that events operate safely and with consideration of anyone who might be affected. They will make sure event organisers are aware of and meet their responsibilities.

The core members of SAG are comprised of senior officers (or their representatives) from Colchester Borough Council, Essex Highways, Essex Fire and Rescue Service, Essex Police and the Ambulance Service.

Community events are an important part of life in the borough and are encouraged wherever they are suitably organised and operated.

You can find support when planning an event in Colchester by visiting the Safer Colchester Partnership.

Page last reviewed: 14 October 2020