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How to take your own legal action

How to take your own action

If after an investigation we cannot take action against an alleged nuisance, or if you do not wish for us to be involved, you can make a complaint about a nuisance problem direct to the magistrates’ court.

When considering court action, we strongly advise you to take legal advice.

The information below is intended to provide broad guidance, but we cannot provide formal legal advice and the information may be subject to change.

First steps

Pursuing action yourself – whether informally or through the courts – is relatively straightforward.

We recommend that you can get further advice from the Citizens' Advice Bureau as there may be several options available to you depending on the nature of your case.

You can search online to find the contact details for your local Citizens’ Advice.

Alternatively, you can get help by calling their national phone line or by talking to an adviser online.

Citizens' Advice Bureau National Advice Line

Advice line: 03444 111 444
Text relay: 03444 111 445

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