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Garden Community Principles

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  • Read the 10 placemaking principles which have been prepared to articulate the Council’s ambition for the Garden Communities and help drive forward their development.

This Charter sets out 10 placemaking principles which have been prepared to articulate the Council’s ambition for the Garden Communities and help drive forward their development. These are based on the TCPA Garden City Principles but adapted for the specific North Essex context in the 21st Century.

Garden Communities Principles

Principle 1 - Green Infrastructure

The Garden Communities will provide a generous amount of green space. They will be set within a multi-functional and integrated natural environment; providing space for nature, making the communities more resilient to climate change; promoting healthy lifestyles, and creating beautiful places to live and work.

Principle 2 - Integrated and Sustainable Transport

The Garden Communities will be planned around a step change in integrated and sustainable transport system for the North Essex area, which will put walking, cycling and public transit systems at the heart of the development, and be delivered in a timely way to support the communities as they grow.

Principle 3 - Employment Opportunity

The Garden Communities will seek to provide access to one job per household within the new community or within a short distance by public transport. The employment function will be a key component of creating character and identity and sustainable communities.

Principle 4 - Living Environment

Community inclusiveness and walkable, sociable and vibrant neighbourhoods will be a defining characteristic of the Garden Communities. A diverse mix of homes responding to existing and future local needs will be provided alongside a range of community services, including health, education, leisure and recreation, culture and shopping.

Principle 5 – Smart and Sustainable Living

Planned for the 21st century, the Garden Communities will secure a smart and sustainable approach that fosters resilient environments and communities; able to respond positively to changing circumstances. Innovation and technology will be embraced to achieve resource efficiency, higher quality of life and healthier lifestyles; creating the conditions for sustainable living.

Principle 6 - Good Design

Through all stages of the planning, design and development of the Garden Communities the highest quality of design and management of the built and public realm will be promoted. Existing local assets will be capitalised to help create distinctive places.

Principle 7 - Community Engagement

The Garden Communities are a locally-led initiative, and their development will be shaped through engaging existing communities and emerging new communities; residents will be empowered to contribute to shaping the future of North Essex.

Principle 8 - Active Local Stewardship

The Garden Communities will be developed and managed in perpetuity with the direct involvement of their residents and businesses; residents will be directly engaged in the long-term management and stewardship, fostering a shared sense of ownership and identity.

Principle 9 - Strong Corporate & Political Public Leadership

The Councils of North Essex will collaborate to provide clear vision for the Garden Communities and commitment to their long-term success. Central to this will be a commitment to high quality placemaking, timely infrastructure provision, and achieving a steady pace of housing and employment delivery.

Principle 10 - Innovative Delivery Structure

The Garden Communities will be delivered through a genuine and pro-active partnership approach between the public and private sectors, where risk and reward is shared and community empowerment enabled.

You can read the full Charter here


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