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Our Street Cleaning Schedule

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To make sure our streets and other public areas are clean and free of litter and rubbish, road sweeping and litter picking are scheduled on a regular basis


  • How often we carry out each type of clean across the Borough
  • Report a street issue

Road Sweeping: The public roads in Colchester are swept on a regular basis.  

Leaves: During the months of October, November and December, we are concentrating on de-leafing public roads with our sweepers. If there are a lot of leaves that need to be cleared in one area then we may postpone our other cleaning duties just until this is done. Cleaning schedules will resume as normal in January. 

Litter-Picking: Your road will be litter-picked fortnightly.  

A12 Litter-Picking: We are responsible for the A12 from Easthorpe to Lodge Lane. Verges and slip roads are litter picked every three weeks. This is weather permitting. Main roads will be cleared when there is a road closure scheduled.  

We also deal with street cleaning requests such as picking up fly-tipping, cleaning up graffiti and issues with public bins. If you need to report an issue, please click here.

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