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Street Fixtures

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Find out who is responsible for the street fixtures on our streets


  • What street fixtures we manage
  • Information about the Culver Street & Head Street bollards and when they are down
  • What street fixtures Essex County Council manage

Our Fixtures:

We are responsible for maintaining these fixtures on Colchester's streets:  

  • Street/Road name plates 

  • Litter bins  

  • Dog Waste bins  

  • Benches and seats on the pavement 

  • Heritage bollards, for example the Borough shield sign 

  • Signs for pedestrians 


Culver Street & Head Street Bollards

We also manage the Culver Street and Head Street bollards. These are short posts preventing traffic from entering a road. These roads will be closed when the bollards are up. These are the times at which we put them up:  

  • On Mondays – Thursdays the bollards will go up at 11:00am and we will put them down at 4:00pm.  

  • On Fridays – Saturdays the bollards will go up at 10:00am and we will put them down at 5:00pm.   

If you need to report a problem with the bollards then contact the Community Zone Team for the Town Centre on 07833 925492, or you can email   


Other Fixtures: 

The fixtures of which we don't maintain are managed by Essex County Council. They are:  

  • Street Lighting 

  • Traffic Signs  

  • Bollards including lit up boards 

  • Pedestrian guard rails  

  • Public rights of way signs  

  • Directional signs and posts 

  • Traffic signals  

  • Belisha beacons