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Free White Garden Sacks - FAQs


Information about why we made garden sacks free, and when this started


  • Why we made the white garden sacks free of charge
  • When this started
  • Find your nearest Collection Point for white sacks
  • How to download the Garden Sack voucher

Why have you made the white garden sacks free?  

As residents living in wheelie bin areas were given the option of a free second bin for garden waste, we thought it was only fair that white sacks for residents in black bag areas should get the white sacks free of charge.  


When did this start?  

This started on 20 June. They are available from your local Collection Point.

You will need to download a voucher to present to the stockist before you go.




How many white sacks can I collect?

You can collect up to 4 white sacks.

4 sacks a fortnight is the limit for kerbside collection for garden waste all year round.



How can I reduce the risk of my white garden sack getting lost?

Please write your address on your white sack in permanent marker.

Where possible, leave a heavy object near to your bags for the collection crews to place on the sacks after emptying.



What if my white garden sack gets lost or damaged?

Please download a white sack collection voucher. Only order the number your need to replace.

Then take this voucher to your local Collection Point.



How do I download a voucher for picking up my free garden sacks?

Read the quick guide here on how to get your voucher.