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Downloading a Voucher for Free Garden Sacks

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How to download a voucher to take to your local stockist to get your free white garden sacks.


  • How the voucher works
  • How to download the voucher
  • Information for residents who are registered with the Assisted Collection Scheme
  • Information for residents in wheelie bin areas.

With the recent changes to our recycling and waste collection service we have made white garden sacks free of charge. The sacks, along with other recycling boxes, bags and food caddies can be collected from your local stockist.  


Please note that a garden waste collection from white sacks is not available to residents in wheelie bin areas.

Brown wheelie bins for garden waste have been provided to residents with wheelie bin collections. If you are in a wheelie bin area and you have not received your brown wheelie bin please call our Recycling and Waste contact centre on 01206 282700. 

If you are new to the area and are not sure whether you are in a wheelie bin area, you can check if you are here.

If you need to order wheelie bins, click here to go to the form to request them.


How the Voucher Works 

Once you have filled in the form to request a voucher for your free garden sacks, we will send you an email containing your collection code and confirmation of the number of sacks you would like. Print the email off or take it on your mobile phone to your local stockist and show it to them. They will then give you your garden sacks.  

Subject to stock you can also collect any other free recycling containers or clear bags you may need while you are there. 


How to Download your Voucher 

  1. Enter your postcode or the first line of your address into the look-up. Select your address and click the green 'Select' button.  

  2. Please fill in the form with your name, telephone number and email address. It is important that you enter a valid email address as the code you need to pick up your free garden sacks will be sent to this email. 

  3. Let us know how many garden sacks you would like. You can get up to 4. 

  4. Click the green 'Submit' button. 


Got it? Click here to go to the form


Assisted Collection 

If you can't get your recycling and rubbish out to the front of your house, we can help with our Assisted Collection Scheme. Read more about it here. 

If you are registered with the Assisted Collection scheme and you receive help with your recycling and rubbish collections, you can order recycling containers, bags and white garden waste sacks to be delivered to your home. 

If you are not at home when we come to deliver your order, we will leave it in a safe place. 


Order recycling containers for assisted collection here.