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Wheelie Bin Areas - FAQs


Information about who recieved a wheelie bin, what they are used for and more


  • The cost of wheelie bins
  • What the wheelie bins are used for
  • Who received a wheelie bin
  • What size the wheelie bins are

Are the wheelie bins free?  

Yes, they are


What are wheelie bins used for?   

There is one bin for the collection of black bags (general rubbish) and one bin for garden waste.

You do not have to have a garden waste wheelie bin.

If you choose not to have a wheelie bin for garden waste you will not receive a garden waste collection at all. This means we will not be collecting from white sacks in wheelie bin areas.

You can either compost your green waste at home or take it to your local recycling centre. 

Don't want a garden wheelie bin?


Where are the wheelie bin areas?   

We provided wheelie bins in Mile End, Greenstead, Shrub End, Stanway, Berechuch and Old Heath areas. 

If you were due to move to a wheelie bin collection you will have received a postcard letting you know this. 

You can enter your postcode into our wheelie bin look-up, to check if you are in a wheelie bin area.

If you received a postcard stating that you were going to have a wheelie bin, these were delivered between the 5th and 16th June. 

You can also report a missed delivery or tell us you don’t want a garden waste wheelie bin.


What size are the wheelie bins?   

The black wheelie bin for general rubbish is 180 litres and measures 1100mm high x, 755mm deep x 505mm wide.   

The brown wheelie bin for garden waste is 240 litres and measures 1100mm high x 740mm deep x 580mm wide.   


What can I do if I need a wheelie bin larger than 180 litres? 

85% of household rubbish is recyclable.

Recycle as much as you can and see if you can meet the fortnightly limit of a 180 litre wheelie bin (equivalent to three black bags). 

We understand there will be a small number of households who produce large quantities of non-recyclable rubbish, such as house with multiple occupants (HMOs) and large families, who will need to apply for an exemption to the limit. 

Please note that applications for an exemption for excess pet waste will not be granted. If you produce over the three bag limit for this reason you can take excess bags to your local recycling centre. 

To apply for an exemption, please read our Exemptions Policy, and if you feel you qualify, follow the steps to apply.

The process will include a visit from a Recycling Zone Warden to ensure we go through each application on an individual basis. 


What can I do if I would like a wheelie bin but I don't live in a wheelie bin area?

The Cabinet of the Council decided it would only introduce wheelie bin collections for residual waste and garden waste in those areas where a majority of residents had indicated in the survey undertaken in 2016 that they would like to move to this type of collection. This was then confirmed by Ward Councillors.

Areas remaining on sack collections will only be visited by a vehicle that can accept waste in black bags for residual waste and the white sacks for garden waste.  Therefore, it will not have the equipment to lift wheelie bins.

There are no plans to extend the use of wheelie bins to other parts of the Borough.


What system do I use for the rest of my recycling?  

Continue to use your existing recycling containers for paper, plastics, cans, glass textiles, food and green waste.  

Find out more about what you can recycle in Colchester and where you can pick up containers and bags for free.


I have assisted collection, will you continue to help me with my wheelie bin(s)?   

Yes, we will.   


If I have a wheelie bin do I still need to use black sacks for my rubbish or can I put it in loose or in other bags? 

You can put your rubbish in your wheelie bin however you like, however putting the rubbish in black sacks will keep the bin cleaner.  


How was it decided which areas get wheelie bins?  

The formal public consultation gave some indication of where residents would be amenable to wheelie bins and the Ward Councillors, acting as representatives for their wards, identified areas of the Borough where wheelie bins could be introduced. The outcome was a list of wards where there was both majority Ward Councillor support and were operationally suitable for wheelie bins. These are:  

  • Mile End  

  • Greenstead  

  • Old Heath and The Hythe (excluding The Hythe and Rowhedge)  

  • Shrub End  

  • Stanway  

  • Berechurch  

This list was approved by Cabinet in December 2016. If your area is not on this list we suggest you contact your local Ward Councillors to discuss. Search here for your local Councillor details



I have a wheelie bin but I don’t have anywhere to store it

You would have received information about moving to a wheelie bin collection. Therefore your property has been assessed as suitable for bins.



Do I have to be in to sign for my wheelie bin when it is delivered?

No. The wheelie bins will be left on your property.