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Developer Contributions

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View contributions paid by developers in order to minimise the impact of new developments and other buildings.


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Developer contributions are paid by developers in order to minimise the impact of new developments and other buildings, which create extra demands on local facilities.

The outstanding sums shown in reports are potential sums only and will only be delivered if the development is implemented.

In addition, payments may be phased and will only become due when, and if, that phase is carried out.

There are occasions when a development is not implemented and the planning permission expires which would also have the effect of ending the requirement for the associated planning obligation(s). In such circumstances, the associated contribution would no longer be forthcoming.

Where contributions are associated with legal agreements concerning outline planning permissions it may not be possible to work out what payments are due until a Reserved Matters submission is made.

For example, a predicted education cash contribution cannot always be calculated from an outline application. It is only when reserved matters applications are approved that a true understanding of the exact nature of the development becomes apparent and the sum can be calculated with accuracy.

This may also the case for certain contributions towards the provision of leisure and community facilities and therefore these sums will not be shown in the report.

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