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Landscape Consultancy and Public Open Space Adoption

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When creating landscape projects for large development sites our guidelines should be followed and we may request developers to contribute towards it.


  • What is Landscape Consultancy
  • What is Public Open Space adoption
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Developments that require planning permission are enhanced by the inclusion of landscape works, which are an important factor within their design.

Landscape Consultancy

When landscape projects are required, they need to be well thought of and of a high quality. Relevant independent professional advice should be taken.

Our guidelines should be followed when drawing up landscape proposals for development sites at either the application stage or when required under a condition.

Read our guidance

  • Any landscape proposals with Ash Trees need to comply with the national guidance on Ash Dieback Disease issued under the Landscape Institute
  • Any Solar Farm proposals should take account of all current guidance/best practice on designing Solar Parks

We can also provide you information on our standard requirements. For a copy, address your enquiry "FAO of the Landscape Planning Officer" and ask for a copy of "LIS/C".

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Once the landscape proposal has been drawn up, copies should be sent to our Landscape Planning Officer under "Discharge (Approval) of Conditions".

Public Open Space Adoption

When it has been decided that open space is not appropriate, or it is acceptable for there to be less open space, we may request developers to contribute financially to meet these needs outside of the development.

These contributions go towards the cost of buying or converting land, maintenance fees or improving facilities.

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