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Planning Permission Approved

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What happens when we have approved planning permission.


  • What is a decision notice
  • When you can start your project
  • Can you change your plans after approval

If planning permission is approved, we will send you a "decision notice".

This will also appear on the website.

The decision notice is a legally binding document and must be read carefully. It usually contains "Conditions" that must be met in order to keep your planning permission. What's this?

Failure to comply with conditions could lead to enforcement action or may invalidate your permission meaning you have to re-apply.

Usually, your building project must start within 3 years and this will be the first condition on your decision notice.

If work hasn't started by then, you will need to reapply.

You may also need to do things before you start any works, or before you move into the development. If things aren't done at the right time this can also lead to enforcement action or invalidate your permission.

Planning permission also "runs with the land", meaning that sites or buildings can change ownership without losing the planning permission (unless a planning condition restricts the permission to a named person(s) or company for a specific reason).

Can you change your plans?

If you want to make any changes to the approved plans, you must make another application with the amended details before starting work.

This may be a non-material amendment, variation of a condition, or may need a whole new application depending on the changes proposed.

If these changes are small, and don't impact anyone, you can submit a "non-material amendment" application which does not undergo consultation. What's this?

If it's more significant, you might be able to make amendments if there is a relevant condition you could vary. What's this?

If you want to make a complete change then you can resubmit a new application.

Fees apply to all amendment applications.

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The Outcome of your Application

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