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Unilateral Undertaking

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A legal document that states you must make payments to us in the form of planning contributions if you receive planning permission.


  • What is a Unilateral Undertaking
  • How you can check who owns the land
  • Do you need Unilateral Undertaking

A unilateral undertaking is a legal document that states, if you receive planning permission and decide to implement the development, you must make certain payments to us in the form of planning contributions.

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A unilateral undertaking can only be entered in to by the owner of the land that will be developed. If you don't own the land, you need to ask the owner to enter in to this.

All those with an interest in the land must be made a party.

In order to determine who owns or has an interest in the land, you can check with the Land Registry.

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Following ministerial changes to the Planning Practise Guidance, all applications for 1-9 units or for change of use to residential for 1-9 units will no longer require a Council approved S106 Unilateral Undertaking.

If your application is for 10 or more units or for a 1,000 sq m of commercial floor space or more, you should contact us for further advice.

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