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Planning Permission Refused

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What happens when we have refused planning permission.


  • What a decision notice is
  • How to appeal the decision
  • If you can build without permission

If planning permission is refused, we will send you a summary of our reasons called a "decision notice". If you can address all of the issues identified then it might be possible to change your proposals as advised, and resubmit to obtain permission later.

For example, if the design isn't good enough you can change the design and re-apply.

However, if the principle or basic idea is unacceptable, a resubmission may also be refused.

You then have the right to appeal. What's this?

You or your agent can discuss what to do with us through pre-application advice. What's this?

If you think you can resolve all the issues that are listed, you can change your application and resubmit it. You or your agent can discuss what to do with us through pre-application advice. What's this?

Depending on the changes made, you may be able to submit another application free of charge as long as this is within 12 months of the decision on your first application.

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Can you build without permission?

You do so at your own risk. If you start your project without planning permission, we may allow a "Retrospective" planning application if we would have approved it anyway. What's this?

However, if we feel you have broken building control rules we will serve an enforcement notice requiring you to put things back as they were at your own cost.

If this isn't done, we will seek prosecution where you will appear in court and may face a fine or criminal proceeding, removing the unauthorised works as well.

Read more on the Planning Portal

The Outcome of your Application

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