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Planning Performance Agreements

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We work together with you on large applications, agreeing actions, resources and timeframes.


  • What is a Planning Performance Agreement
  • What you can expect from us
  • How much it costs

Some larger and more complex planning applications would be handled through a Planning Performance Agreement (PPA).

This is where we work together with you to agree actions, resources and timescales.

When reviewing your initial request for pre-application advice we may recommend a PPA, which will be discussed and offered to you.

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PPA Charter

What you can expect from us when working in partnership with you.

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PPA's are subject to a different charging structure to pre-application advice.

If your application proceeds as a PPA, any payment you have already made for pre-application advice will be discounted against the PPA fee.

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If you are offered a PPA, we have a template to help with the project.

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